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Showing an interest for digital design in his teens, you could find Joe at his local Apple store or Kinko’s trying out new design features on the stores’ computers and being told to leave after hours of playtime were over 🙁

Design seemed very clear to be his passion going forward.

Joe then decided to pursue design as a career and started attending Delaware Technical Community College, choosing a curriculum exploring many aspects of design on-the-job.  Traditional, digital, photography, video production, web design…it was a bombshell of skillsets that he wanted to master in ALL areas ALL at once (ADD generation).  Graduating with an A.A.S. in Multimedia and Advertising Design in 2010, he then transferred his credits to move towards a technical degree in Web Information Systems at Wilmington University. This came by the recommendation from his best friend whom works in the field of Web Security as a Senior Risk Analyst.  This benchmark is where things really started to shift.

Moving out of Delaware to Philadelphia, Joey came to the city with only his savings and a drive to shine in a complicated world.  Joe always had his music and kept his guitar close by his side, going under the alias Joey Bonneville stemming from his first garage rock two-piece in Dover, DE called ‘The Bonneville Brothers’.  Starting out work as a valet driver, Joe finished up his Bachelors Degree which followed landing his first job offer as a UX/UI Developer at Ebay Enterprise (now Radial). Working alongside his first large team on an eCommerce site for the global Petsmart web store, he was halfway through the door to success.

Following a number of roles with small teams and agencies, Joe found his niche for utilizing his custom design skills into web development.  Over the past few years there’s been a number of freelance projects from print, web, and custom design keeping Joe on his toes.  He was fulfilling his dream of applying his creative process to help others who are trying to get noticed. Artists, musicians, colleagues, friends and entrepreneurs alike.

All of which are showcased here.


~ Bonneville Artist Development And Design – BADD