I’m Back… JACK!

Well then… birthday month here we are again, an entire year SOBER and back in my hometown of Dover DE (temporarily). Learnin’ & curvin’ and releasin’ another portfolio website showcasing my Web App Development progress, built strictly in ReactJS with animations. So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been up to. I was just released from a 15-month contract that took me in all the right places to get my career launched for success. In short, I was with a small start-up called Maxwell Design Group based out of Philly and WFH for the first time as a Web App Developer consultant. We worked on multiple projects starting with learning NoCode/LoCode environment, fundamentals of design thinking, Growth Hacking & Rapid-Prototyping to become a successful developer. I was then able to take things in a different direction, and focus primarily on data-visualization tools such as D3.js and PowerBI. In that moment, the CEO saw how fast I was picking up this new tech mindset and pivoted the work with a private-equity group.

Pause. I was about to be acquired by a company with approximately $60 billion in assets, on a team full of Data Scientists, Data Analysts and mentored by a Machine Learning expert on how to properly sift through data using Business Intelligence tools? Music. To. My. Ear. Holes. So for about 4 months I was taking it all in, then when the work for the client was complete, they asked if I could stay on for another 4 months to help another team with their PowerBI dashboard reporting. No joke, they were actually introducing me as “The PowerBI Guy” to other investors!! That role really helped solidify some hidden concepts related to the Back-end of ‘programming’ vs my self-taught journey as a Frond-end developer ‘coder’. Still kinda blows my mind how fast everything went by and knowledge-base MDG flew open the doors to.

Dylan, if your reading this man i just want to say thank you thank you thank you thank you! You gave me more of an opportunity than most would in this industry seriously, and I can’t wait for you to see what come next 🤓 And thanks for the awesome feedback and free popcorn 😋